Learning from home updates

Mr Sutton

March 24, 2020

Thanks to our school community, teachers, parents and students for their support today. Please note the following:

• Learning from home: Almost all students are engaged in learning from home and are not attending the school site as recommended by the Premier of NSW. A student who is learning from home will be marked as present for attendance purposes. Students should only come to school if they are unable to be at home.

• Normal timetable at home: Students follow their normal timetable at home and their normal classroom teacher is teaching their normal class online at this time. Students log into Moodle ( where instructions will be available (which may include a link to other online learning platforms such as Google Classroom).

• Sport: Sport is time for students to engage in some exercise at home, read a book, play a game with siblings, engage in mindfulness using the Smiling Mind app, listen to music, etc. No work will be directed for sport time by the school.

• Mindfulness: Information on the Smiling Mind app can be accessed here:

• Year 12 and the HSC: NESA has released a statement indicating that the HSC will still be held in 2020: Advice on specific assessment tasks will be provided by classroom teachers and head teachers. For now, Year 12 students should focus on their online learning and coursework.

• Online participation checks: The school will perform checks to ensure that students are logging into Moodle and participating in lessons.

We appreciate the spirit in which our school community has embraced online learning so quickly. Our teachers are working hard to make the most of the opportunities presented by learning from home. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.

Mark Sutton

Cecil Hills HS