School Sport Temporarily Ceased For All of Term One

Mrs Camilleri

March 18, 2020

As you are aware there is a directive from the DoE stating that all facets of the Representative School Sport Pathway have now ‘Temporarily Ceased’.

This is inclusive of State Knockouts, all forms of inter-school sport and Association, State and National Championships and will be in place until the end of Term One at the very least.

Sydney South West School Sport Association Events that will not be taking place in Term One are -:

Week 8


Today – Primary Tennis

19 March – Secondary Netball

20 March – Secondary Boys’ Basketball Central Venue Day


Week 9


23 March – Primary Boys’ Basketball

23 March – Primary Girls’ Basketball

23 March – Secondary Boys’ Hockey

23 March – Secondary Girls’ Hockey

24 March – Primary Girls’ Football

25 March – Secondary Rugby League

25 March – Primary Australian Football


Week 10


30 March – Secondary Girls’ Rugby Union

31 March – Primary Boys’ Football

1 April – Primary Girls’ Hockey

1 April – Primary Boys’ Hockey

2 April – Primary 11s Rugby League

3 April – Secondary Boys’ Touch Football

3 April - Secondary Girls’ Touch Football


Week 11


8 April – Secondary Boys’ Basketball Central Venue Day

8 April – Secondary Girls’ Basketball Central Venue Day

9 April – Secondary Australian Football Central Venue Day


As well as the temporary cessation of these events, the following NSWPSSA and NSWCHS Events are also ‘Temporarily Ceased’ -:

NSWCHS – Baseball, Girls’ Volleyball, Swimming and Diving


NSWPSSA – Swimming and Diving


Miss. Saliba

PDHPE Teacher / Sports Organiser